It’s not easy coming back home to America when your name is Ahmed.

At the door, an Egyptian-American woman greeted me, \”Al Salaam Aleykum,\” she said. I reluctantly responded \”Wa Aleykum Al Salam,\” though I was hardly feeling at peace. The room was filled with rows of seats and several DHS officers with colorful folders red, yellow, green, blue lined up in front of them with passports and travel documents. The juxtaposition of the colorful folders with the rows of mostly brown people filling the seats was suspect in itself.\”Omar Mubarak… Juan Diaz… Sayed Hussain,\” the officers called us one by one.I couldn\’t help but feel as though JFK itself was a bit racist.

vía Davos to Detention: Why I Hate Coming Home to America | Ahmed Shihab-Eldin.


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