Making Youtube stars real stars

In the two months since Ms. Wojcicki moved her office from the Googleplex in Mountain View 30 miles north to San Bruno, a rash of deals have rocked the video world, including the acquisition of the best-known operator of YouTube channels, Maker Studios, by Disney in a deal that could reach nearly $1 billion. While a fraction of the size, the deal looks a lot like Disney’s acquisition of Pixar in 2006. At the time, animation was going CGI and Disney needed expertise (as well as a catalog). This time, Disney had been standing on the sidelines of a new world defined by YouTube and needed expertise in producing video content directly to consumers.

“It shows that traditional media companies have an interest in reaching their users online. They are interested in access to this endemic YouTube talent, native YouTube talent, and they think there is opportunity to bring those together,” Ms. Wojcicki said.

vía Exclusive Interview: Susan Wojcicki’s New Plan for YouTube | Digital – Advertising Age.


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