Innovar en las empresas periodísticas: si no te gusta el artículo, te devolvemos el dinero

“In Holland, basically we had a situation where all newspapers were for a long time very comfortable doing their paper subscriptions,” he said.

“We have iPad apps where we can read the PDF per issue or get a subscription, but that’s really it,” Klöpping added, noting that the papers have free sites, but there is less online content and it is completely different than what you’d read in print. “There’s no metered pay walls. There’s nobody like the Guardian, putting it all online for free and making money from the advertising. That’s just not going on in Holland. They now do feel the crunch of getting smaller circulation and they do feel the pressure to be a little bit more innovative.”

vía A money-back guarantee: How Blendle hopes to convince Dutch news readers to pay by the article » Nieman Journalism Lab.


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