WeChat es el nuevo NYT

WeChat has become especially popular among China’s young people because of the ease of communication it offers. Due to the platform’s private nature and a walkie-talkie voice-messaging feature that eliminates the need for typing on tiny smartphone keyboards, many young users have also started to introduce WeChat to their parents as a more efficient way to stay in touch. WeChat’s “Moments” feature also allows older relatives to stay posted on the recent updates from their kids.

In the process, young WeChat users have helped bring their parents over the substantial barrier of buying and learning to use a smartphone, thus expanding the demographics of mobile internet users. Once getting used to smartphones, older users naturally gravitate to Weibo as the most efficient and timely way to learn about current affairs. Thus the rise of WeChat has expanded Weibo’s potential user group.

vía Tencent WeChat and SINA Weibo: The Frenemies of the Chinese Mobile Space.

Es increible el uso de WeChat como fuente de información frente a los medios clásicos.

Ayer, ningún medio anunciaba que Elon Musk estaba llevando Tesla a China. Hoy Forbes cita WeChat como fuente por la que se enteraron.



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