RIP Nokia

He also told me that when the iPhones came out in the United States in the summer of 2007, the situation was followed at Nokia with keen interest. A large number of iPhones were immediately delivered to Nokia´s head offices in Espoo by courier.

The manager took his own iPhone home that same evening. He studied it so enthusiastically that it caught the interest of his four-year-old daughter.
As an experiment, he gave the telephone to his daughter, and she learned to use it immediately.

In the evening as the parents were going to bed, the drowsy four-year-old appeared at their bedroom door with a question: “Can I take that magic telephone and put it under my pillow tonight?”

It was at that was the moment that the Nokia executive understood that his company was in trouble.

This is how a Helsingin Sanomat journalist tried to save Nokia – Kuukausiliite – Helsingin Sanomat.


Comenta, y tal...

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