Services: the real business around smart home

You know, Nest is cool, but we all need some recurrent income.

Smart home savvy readers are probably asking, “isn’t Lowe’s Iris a DIY product?” It’s intended to be, but let’s be honest: DIY is the smart home industry’s big lie, since getting mass-market adoption will likely require a light-service channel to help Grandpa, Mom or even me install that new intelligent wall switch or smart water valve without electrocuting myself or flooding the house.

Wink is considering creating their own smart home installer services business in 2015, while high-end home automation platforms like Control4 and Savant are expanding their existing installer networks by creating easier to use tools to enable new home system integrators to enter the smart home market.

In reality, I think the retailers best opportunity for the smart home is not just as the physical store front, but also as a service bureau for installers. No one’s really built out the great mass-market installer network for the smart home (though in some ways, cable companies are probably the closest today with managed smart home offerings), which I think is a necessary and potentially profitable business.

The money is where it is:

BI_IoT_Report.pdf - Box 2015-01-23 13-16-58


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