Why this winery is using a bunch of Tesla batteries


Behind the La Crema Winery, in the wine-growing region of Sonoma County north of San Francisco, sit three white refrigerator-sized boxes that are an example of how the wine making here has gone high-tech. At least the winery’s use of energy has. This winery is a pioneer for what a certain electric car company run by Elon Musk hopes will become the norm for many others around the world.

Inside the white metal boxes sit thousands of Tesla batteries. While Tesla is better known for making luxury electric cars, it recently started selling batteries to businesses, utilities and home owners to help them save electricity and store solar energy.

At the winery the batteries store energy from the sun generated by solar panels on the winery’s rooftop. Tesla’s algorithms are also shifting the winery onto battery energy when electricity rates from the power grid are high, helping the wine…

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