The Story of Oculus Rift



Zuckerberg was in the Menlo Park Facebook headquarters, in the office of C.O.O. Sheryl Sandberg, with his deputies, chief product officer Chris Cox and chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer. They’d picked Sandberg’s office because it had blinds, unlike the glass rectangle where Zuckerberg works. Zuckerberg’s fishbowl office makes sense for a man who has dedicated his career to helping people share aspects of their lives, but the sight of the Facebook C.E.O. with a screen on his face was at that point best kept a secret.

In a sense Zuckerberg was not in Sandberg’s office anyway. He was in another universe entirely. His attention was on a ruined mountainside castle as gleaming snowflakes fell all around him. Wherever he looked, the scene moved as his head did. Suddenly he was standing face-to-face with a giant stone gargoyle spouting lava.


Origen: The Story of Oculus Rift | Vanity Fair


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