Understanding Internet in Cuba

That’s the best way to understand the internet in Cuba today: a jumble of half-measures and workarounds avoiding the state’s restrictions and taking advantage of meager offerings. The Cuban émigré blogger Ernesto Oroza calls this hacker tradition the “architecture of necessity … a physical model that combines the individual and their needs with the materials, technologies, limits, and legal and economic possibilities.” Far from being frozen in some early revolutionary past, the Cubans I talked to were tapped in — far more interested in news about the Islamic State, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump than rehashing the Bay of Pigs. I didn’t hear many opinions on the 1967 execution of Ernesto “Che” Guevara in Bolivia, but there were plenty on the murder of Jon Snow at Castle Black (low sample size Cuban consensus: he’ll be back next season).

Origen: Havana’s Hotspots | The Verge


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