#MustRead A Snapchat masterclass

This is the only shit you need to figure out if you are into digital, marketing, media… well, almost anything for the next 200 years, so take care of your future around speed, digital-only minds, data consumption…


BROOKE: Don’t Snapchat boys that you like first — wait until they Snapchat you.
ELSBITCH: You need to have more than 150 views on your Story.

I stopped them again.

ME: Wait. Really? I have like 30.
BROOKE: OMG!! 30?? Only NARPs have less than 150.
ME: What the hell is a NARP?
BROOKE: Nonathletic Regular Person. NARP.
ME: Ah. So…I’m basic?

Origen: Teenagers Are Much Better At Snapchat Than You


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